Thursday, May 29, 2008

Its been a while...

Ok, so we all now know that I am a terrible blogger... :) It has been almost two months now since I've posted... I am ashamed. :) Well, Madi Grace is getting so big, its mind boggling. She is almost 6 months old now... I can't believe it. She can roll from belly to back and back again... She can say Dada and Mama... she can almost sit up on her own for more than a couple seconds... she can scoot herself a little bit across the floor... she eats rice and oatmeal cereal... loves bananas, sweet potatoes, and applesauce... talks to me all day long with several nonsense syllables... is learning sign language and laughs at me when I sign "more, eat, milk, and all finished"... laughs out loud at anything Luke does... and I am sure lots more that I can't remember. Madi loves to watch baby einstein and, now that we have 8 videos, is happier than a clam. She can't get enough of the puppets and a big grin splits her face when she sees them. I spent some time looking at photos from when she was born, and i can't believe how fast she is growing. Josh and I thought she was big when she was born... being 8lbs and all... but now looking back, she was so tiny! And she really isn't that big now, she is just soo tall! She has a very trim figure, but those legs go for miles. She will be running around the house in no time.

Well, that catches you up on a lot of what Madi has been doing... here are some pics that Elle (aunt lauren) has been taking for me... aren't they great?? Yes, they are two months old, but cut me a little slack... :) To see more go to:

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