Saturday, April 5, 2008

Madi just had a doctor's appointment this week and everything is wonderful! She weighs 13 lb 3 oz and is now 25 1/4 inches!! She is in the perfect weight category (on the small side) and is tall for her age... she is sooo long! The doctor was a little concerned about a pop (or click we don't know the difference) that he heard in one of Madi's hips, so she had to have an ultrasound done, but everything is great! So no worries... praise the Lord. She is growing and growing faster than I would have imagined! This week she discovered her feet and you will see her playing and laying on her mat in a ball. :) Its very cute, but does make diaper changes a little more complicated... as you would know if you could hear dad's disgruntled mumbles during the early morning diaper changes. :) haha. But she is sooo precious. She even started trying to bring her knees up as if to crawl and lifting her chest off the floor today. SO AWESOME! I just celebrated my 24th (OMG) birthday yesterday and it is also the 1 year anniversary from when we discovered we were pregnant with little Madi. Time sure does fly.

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