Thursday, January 31, 2008

Madi's Doctor Appointment

Well, we took Madison to the doctor yesterday and she got her first shots! It was so terrible watching her cry as they gave them to her, but she only cried for a couple of seconds and was fine. In fact, she went right to sleep. She did so well. She has been sleeping it off ever since. And she is sooo very happy when she is awake, you'd never know the "trauma" she went through. :0) Madi is growing so quickly too! She weighs 10 lb 14 oz now and is 23 inches long! The doctor says she is the perfect weight and is perfectly healthy! She is doing great.

Madison has been chatting it up more often too! Now, when I look at her and smile, she smiles back at me. Then she starts telling me about her day in her adorable baby talk. :) Madi even manages to occasionally roll on her side. When we play on her play mat, she sometimes gets so excited she winds up on her side. I don't even think she knows how it happens! She is growing so quickly... I just can't believe it. Being parents is the greatest blessing of our lives. It is amazing to be a family!

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