Saturday, March 8, 2008

2 Month Pictures!

I finally have Madi's two month pictures! They are actually more like "family" pictures, but I just can't believe how fast my little girl is growing up! She is sooo beautiful... I know I'm biased, but I just love her so much!! I am posting a couple on here, but click on this link ( to see the rest, its worth it!

Madi is still continually learning more and more. She is now reaching for toys that dangle in front of her and batting them back and forth... she is also rolling to both sides now! Somehow, I still can't figure out exactly how, she is scooting around the floor. :) I can put her down on her blankie and a few minutes later she is off of it facing another direction! Madi is growing to like tummy time more and more... she tolerates it for longer periods of time now. :) Well, I'll try to keep you posted on more developments... hopefully I haven't forgotten anything!

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